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We are a small hobby kennel that specializes in strong and stable working german shepherd dogs with exceptional working attributes. All of the dogs live in our home, and we strive to have a solid temperament with an off switch that allows for this. Our dogs are trained in and titled in IGP (tracking, obedience, and protection) and are fully health tested with hips, elbows, spine, and genetic tests before breeding. Glaurung Kennel is in southeastern Michigan which is close to Ann Arbor, Detroit, and only a short drive to Toledo, Ohio. I have been training and competing with dogs for over 30 years.

The german shepherds are mainly west German working lines with some Czech and/or DDR blood in them. They are only the recognized colors of sable, bicolor, black, and black and tan. Our dogs produce excellent prospects for schutzhund (now IGP), bitework sports, SAR, police K9's, agility, obedience, tracking, service dogs, guide dogs, home protection dogs, and active companions. We have produced dogs that have gone on to work successfully in many fields and titles.

We strived to breed to the SV standard which is a combination of a conformation rating, the BH temperament test, a minimum of an IGP1, passing hips and elbows, a 12 mile endurance test, and a breed survey. The dog must pass all of the pieces to qualify for the breed survey. This helps maintain the quality of the dogs to a very high standard in both woring abilities as well as in the German Shepherd conformation standard.

The kennel name Glaurung is the Father of Dragons in the Tolkien literature.

Our border collies are foremost our sheep dogs. We also have a small farm, and we regularly use them with the herd. We do not breed our border collies at this time. You can go to the farm's website by clicking on 'The Farm' on the side bar.

We are proud members of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, South Michigan Schutzhund and Police Club, American Border Collie Association, and United States Border Collie Handler's Association. These organizations and clubs strongly promote working abilities in their breeds.

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Vendetta van den Heuvel IPO3 PD1 SchH german shepherd

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