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Cherevichki z Glaurung

Cherevichki z Glaurung
Dark Sable Male
Born June 2, 2017

Tchai is available as a top quality sport dog prospect. He is still green, but I did foundation on him when he was younger. I am continuing his training in obedience and protection until sold (tracking as well once spring comes). Tchai is a true high drive dog with excellent ball drive. He used to do very nice 150 pace tracks. With obedience, he knows sit and down and is easily lured into heeling. Dumbbells have been started. His protection is strong with full, calm, hard grips and great quick strikes. He is dog neutral, but he will prefer to live alone or with a female. Tchai loves children, is fine with dog savvy cats, housetrained, crate trained, and is very social and safe out in public. He had a new set of hip and elbow xrays done February 20th which can be sent in for 'a' stamps which look good and will easily pass. He is a very biddable dog and would work well for a novice trainer. He has full dentition and both testicles.

I will be sending his xrays for 'a' stamps and plan on getting his BH in June. Training in three phases will continue until sold.


SG Bono North SVK IPO3, FH, BH, AD, Kkl OFA good hips/normal elbows, DM clear x SG Rossa van den Heuvel IPO3, AWD1, PD1, P1 Kkl HOT a2 hips, a1 elbows, LUW 0, DM carrier, MDR1 clear, VWD1 clear

His most current protection video


I will get a more updated obedience video, but this was from a year ago 






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