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GLaurung Kennel news 


2/5 Moss and B'Sweet Skye both had normal BAER hearing tests
1/18 Moss and B'Sweet Skye both received eye CERF ratings of normal by Dr. Michael West




BBall's (Azog) SV OCD xray results came back normal.


BBall (Azog) earned his BH under USCA judge Carla Griffith


Valor (Covert) recieves a show rating of SG and Vendetta earns her lifetime breed survey under USCA judge Heidi Theis at South Michigan Schutzhund and Police Club.


Valor (Covert) received her SV rating a1 hips and elbows, LUW 0, and OCD normal.


Brina z Glaurung received OFA results hips Good, elbows Normal, and shoulders Normal.


Vendetta, Khaleesi, and BBall (Azog) all receive LUW 0 ratings (no tranverse vertebrae)


Khaleesi gave birth to the D Litter z Glaurung with 5 girls and 4 boys, all sables.


C'Bruno z Glaurung is officially a certified police K9 for Wayne State University.




Khaleesi is confirmed pregnant with an estimated 8 to 9 puppies for January 26th.


Vendetta, Khaleesi, BBall, and Valor all tested clear/normal for Von Willebrand's Disease Type 1 (VWD1).


Khaleesi earned her IPO3 under SV judge Helmut Schlipp while in heat. She got an 82-77-74 "a" making a couple of mistakes loosing most of the points in two exercises in obedience and bing dirty in protection. Vendetta went for the AWD2 with a 90-77-57 "a". She also lost most of the points in a few exercises in obedience, but she had way too much fun in protection to pass.


The family entered the 2K9 Memorial Race to honor our friend, Collin Rose. Vendetta and BBall walked in the K9 walk.


Arwen passed away at the age of 15 due to cancer. She was an exceptional girl and will always be in our hearts.


At the Mideastern Regional Conformation Championship, Khaleesi and BBall both earned SG conformation ratings under SV judge Edgar Pertl. Unfortunately Khaleesi did not pass her IPO3. I only noticed after the trial she had a broken tooth.

9/28 & 29

The Backwoods K9 SDA trial under judge John Martorelli was a success. "BBall" Azog z Glaurung received his first BHOT titles with an FO and P1 at 20 months old. "Khaleesi" Rossa van den Heuvel earned her PD1.


The dogs competed at the Dog Sport Open personal protection trial with Vendetta and Khaleesi in Intermediate and BBall in Beginner. All three dogs did very well in the scenarios.


Vendetta gets upgraded to an SG conformation rating anf Azog earns a G rating (with comments from the judge to come back with more training for an SG) under SV judge and Körmeister Herr Wilhelm Nordsieck


Vendetta earns another IPO3 under USCA/SV judge Carla Griffith 78-80-87 245 pronounced.


Khaleesi gives birth to the C Litter with 6 boys and 2 girls.

5/19 & 20

Moss got 4th place in both runs at the Bluegrass Classic STD in Novice.


"BBall" Azog z Glaurung receives the rating of a1 normal for hips and elbows.


BBall had his hips and elbows Xrayed and an MDR1 test done, which came back clear. Xrays are "a" stamp pending




Vendetta and Khaleesi are both breed surveyed and pronounced in protection under SV judge Richard Brauch.


Vendetta and Khaleesi earned their AD's under SV judge Jakob Meyer.

10/15 & 16

Vendetta earned another IPO3 and Khaleesi earned her IPO2 under USCA judge Chris Thompson.


Vendetta and Khaleesi both were in Intermediate in the Backwwods K9 Challenge "Dark Carnival". Vendetta got a spectacular 4th place out of a large field.


Moss did very well at the Call Your Shot STD. He got 2nd and 3rd in Novice. He showed his talent and training.


Vendetta and Khaleesi both earned their AWD1 at South Michigan Schutzhund and Police Club under USCA judge Karen MacIntyre. Vendetta earned an 88-70-80 with a strong TSB of 9.5. Khaleesi earned a 94-76-82 also with a strong TSB of 9.5.


Vendetta and Khaleesi were both entered in Intermediate in this year's Dog Sport Open Into the Deep Dark Woods personal protection trial. Both girls did well considering I did not practise any different things that would have helped since it was our first time.


Vendetta, Khaleesi, and BBall went to the Helmut Raiser seminar in Pennsylvania with working spots.

7/15 & 16

Moss went to his first herding trial at the Land of Lincoln's USBCHA SDT. We had a few hiccups when he has never worked on a new field with new sheep upto this point. Moss gave his best effort, and we look forward to trialling again in a couple of months.


Khaleesi gave birth to the "B" Litter with 3 males and 4 females.


Khaleesi is bred and puppies are due April 2nd.


Vendetta gave birth to the "A" Litter.




Results for the MDR1 from Animal Genetics come back clear for Vendetta, Khaleesi, and Moss.


Vendetta got her IPO3 at the Metro Detroit SchH club under SV judge Manfred Drescher


Khaleesi earned her IPO1 at the Mid Eastern Regional Championship


Vendetta and Khaleesi got got a G conformation rating under SV judge Harald Hohmann

6/20 & 21

Vendetta earned her IPO2 and Khaleesi earned her BH under judge SV Hans Christian Boll.


We had fun going to the first SDA Championships. Unfortunately Vendetta DQ'd in protection for the PD2.

5/15 & 16

At the Backwoods K9 SDA trial, Vendetta and Khaleesi were excellent. Vendetta earned her PD1 and P2. Khaleesi earned her FO and P1. Both dogs got plenty of compliments of their working abilities.


Vendetta was bred to Irmus. Please check out our Current/Upcoming Litters page for more information. (Unfortunately, it did not take)


Khaleesi's SV "a" stamp results came back hips "a2" and elbows normal




Vendetta earned her FO and P1 Suit at the West Michigan WDA SDA trial. Due to a close family member's health, I was unable to go back the next day for my PD1. I will try again next year for sure. Vendetta's P1 score of 173.5 earned her a spot in the SDA 2015 Championship.


Vendetta gets her IPO1 under AWMA Kristiaan DeSweemer. 82-70-80 232 points "a" pronounced. Not the best score ever, but she was in heat and scatterbrained.


Vendetta passes her BH under SV Drescher.


Vendetta earns her third RN leg at Sportmen's DTC with a score of 93.


Vendetta earned her first 2 legs towards an RN at Greater Toledo OTC with scores of 84 and 95.




Bear earned her IPO2 with 93-85-76 254 "a" with High IPO2 and High Tracking.


Vendetta's SV "a" stamp results came back 'a' normal hips and normal elbows


Aragorn passed away from hemangiosarcoma. It was so sudden there were no signs until two days prior, and even surgery did not save him.


Bear re-did her IPO1 with 90-87-80 257 and got High In Trial and High Obedience under Bill Szentmiklosi


Aragorn earned another qualifying score of 180 towards his CDX title in Open A.




Our beautiful first daughter Mary Celeste is born!


Arwen earns a Starters Gamblers leg


Arwen earns a Starters Snooker leg


Bear earns her IPO1 under judge Mike Hamilton at Der Michigan SchH Verein.


Moss and Arwen do their first USDAA agility show.


Aragorn earns another IPO3 with a score of 92-80-87 at 9 years old with a High IPO3 (out of 4 dogs) and the second highest score in the trial out of 9 dogs at Metro Detroit SchH Club.


Moss's OFA results come in Hips Good and Elbows Normal.


Moss's eye test results clear him genetically of CEA and CH


Aragorn earns his RA with a perfect 100 points and his first CDX leg